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If you've ever wanted to get your hands quickly on facts, data, and know how to complete an important business development initiative, then MBA Templates is the place for you. It is a virtual treasure chest of business development information and insights. It solves practically every business development challenge you may be asked to tackle – marketing and sales plans, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, strategic plans, change management, business plans, financial models, and much more. For these challenges, the web site provides tools, templates, analyses, sample plans, tutorials, sample agreements, term sheets, spreadsheets, best practices, company data repositories, and much more. Once inside, your mouse clicks you into more magical places than the real mouse at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Log into the network, choose your subject and get breakout plays and skilled insights that free your mind to think positive thoughts. You will then be free to focus on creating value. Comprehensive and highly regarded how to tools adds context to the information so you can take a difficult project with a challenging deadline to the task and win. Sample templates and plans provide wonderful examples of value creating output that allows you to build influence and get your recommendations approved. Financial models are well built and cover practically all aspects of business analysis so you don’t have to build them yourself from the ground up.

With the tools, templates, how to’s, and samples, tasks are as easy as 1-2-3. You can use the how to tools to guide you every step of the way as you execute day-to-day initiatives.

Ron Reed, Managing Partner of Endurance Ventures said, “We use these tools and templates for all of our investment portfolio companies and have saved big on consulting fees while becoming faster and more effective”.

Peter Buchanan, Business Development Manager, General Electric (GE), said “these tools and templates are game changers and helped moved us to best-in-class”.

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MBA Templates is the world’s leader in online business development functional knowledge networks. Our focus is strictly business development and we provide deep knowledge and facts to help you tackle pressing challenges and beat high stress deadlines. We have over 20 years of functional operating experience as well as in the execution of insightful market research and analytics.